Modern Discipleship in the age of Autonomous Technology

Discipleship in the modern world is becoming more attuned to technology. What is important to realize is Discipleship has always adapted to the world it found itself in and the surrounding culture. If we look at Discipleship in the period of the Agricultural Revolution, we see how different it was from the Industrial Revolution era. In the examples, we see the stories, the lessons used to teach and collaborate. Discipleship foundations are constant at any age: love, your neighbor, your enemy. Take care of the poor, take care of each other.
We come to fully understand this when we have that Aha moment when we experience the eureka effect in our life when we see in the world around us, in the universe what God sees.
Technology in each era has enabled Discipleship to see, explain, and take action within the realm of social awareness, service to each other, personal and communal experiences, and most importantly, education.
Education is probably the most neglected of all. If Discipleship fails in any category, it is adult education.

The Modern Disciple in the age of Autonomous Technology is a modern-day mystic. As we study the mystics, think of what modern philosophers/theologians write about mysticism and look for their patterns and the ‘ancient mystics’ insights.

Karl Rahner and we all have heard and read the famous quote by Rahner on mystics and Christians. Still, it is interesting to note that Rahner viewed mysticism in terms of the German mystical tradition, Rahner said, which is distinct from the better-known practice mediated by Saints Augustine and Thomas. For Rahner, mysticism is “mediated immediacy.” So for Rahner, mysticism is the theologically significant union of a human’s radically free openness to God and concrete enactments of this acceptance of grace~immediacy~here and now. For Rahner, the ongoing historical interactions of human freedom with the life of God, the life with the Universal Christ is the core of mysticism.

So think of patterns, look for the patterns, and believe we see in patterns, the totality of God revealing in glimpse and flashes of those moments in our lives.

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