And all this is made possible by the Incarnation! Thoughts for Advent.

“The Christian is reminded in Liturgy that the second coming of Christ is the great event which the whole history of humankind is bent. That event should not be expected with foreboding but with intense longing. It is the day of the Lord ~it is Ressurection!” Louis J. Putz CSC

And as Teilhard said, “Yet how difficult it is to fling oneself into the future: inevitably our sensibility sees in it only a dizzy void and restless fluidity: to give it solidity, we must have faith, mustn’t we? Let us pray for one another.” ~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, The Making of a Mind; Letters from a Soldier-Priest (p. 230-31);
For Teilhard, It is the resurrection that irradiates everything His light and moves the whole creation towards a permanent regeneration.

It is a new sphere of existence of the world [the ‘Christosphere’] that initiated with the resurrection of Jesus. It is the place [of ‘Diaphany’], where God envelops and penetrates us, creating and preserving us”. (P. Teilhard de Chardin [1965], Science et Christ, 92).

We must become transparent, allowing the Truth to shine through our lives, our work, our relationships, and yes our politics. Meditation and discipline of habits are the tools of the modern-day apostles of the Gospel message. There is a bond between the poor and the eucharist. Jesus preached the solidarity of this bond as a means to bring about the kingdom, to actualize the kingdom made present in all of humanity.

And all this is made possible by the incarnation! Thoughts for Advent.

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