Thoughts for the digital world. Ponder them over the weekend!

  1. Companies who say they don’t need a strategy, only an operation plan clearly do not understand their customers or themselves. Strategy informs everything a company does. Period!
  2. Think of the role AI is playing in creating wealth through mining, agriculture, and manufacturing. Which society best understands AI and the difference it makes?
  3. Services are the growth segment of our economy. Let’s not forget the basics of economics. Society creates wealth in three ways: You grow it, You mine it, or manufacture it. Period! All else is a process in the supply chain.
  4. In the digital world, it is often hard for consumers to see product differentiation. It’s the job of marketing to show people the difference and the difference it makes! This is especially true for not for profits and educational organizations.

Autonomous technologies are changing society. The role of AI needs to be understood not only by a techie but also by every person impacted by AI.

Remember the difference in being human and remember the difference it makes!

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