Remember to attract birds; you spread out the seed.

In the era of autonomous technologies, marketing’s role will become a seamless garment of branding, messaging, education, and collaboration.

Digital strategy means “fish, where the fish are” Marketing’s job is to create the environment to get the fish to bite. This applies not only to business but Not For-Profits as well. We are in the era of the autonomous revolution, and there is no going back.

Change is becoming permanent, and autonomous technologies are enabling the growth to be permanent. Businesses struggle with change but eventually come around and accept the change. Will religious institutions, Not-For-Profit, educational institutions adjust to the new normal?

Technology and Religion are going to “discover’ each other to extents not even thought of a year or so ago. Together will evolve because humans evolve and that is the difference it makes to being human.

Remember, the autonomous technologies we are just now beginning to experience will assist in every capacity of innovation, education, and collaboration.  What strategy, marketing plan and infrastructure do you have in place to participate in the change and growth?

Remember, people are already interested in the digital world, or they wouldn’t be there. How will AI help educate and collaborate? Remember to attract birds; you spread out the seed.

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