Christogenesis and the Mystics

The Patristic mothers and fathers and especially the mystics, have in their writings showed us how to be very much in harmony with Teilhard and his writings. We see this evolution of the universal Christ working through mystics, past and present. 

Today’s mystics learn from yesterday’s mystics, and the difference is today’s mystics employ the tools of the era they are living in, just like the mystics of the past and the patristics. Today’s tools are emersed in technology. A technology that is evolving in itself is becoming more and more autonomous. The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used correctly to help us reclaim our understanding of how the significant other we call God works in and through our universe.

Technology needs religion as much as religion needs technology to advance civilization through evolution.

However far science pushes its discovery of the ‘essential fire’ and however capable it becomes someday of remodeling and perfecting the human element, it will always find itself at the end facing the same problem–how to give to each and every element its final value by grouping them in the unity of an organized whole.”Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, “The Phenomenon of Man,” pp 250

This is about our spirituality as humans, in a universe in collaboration with the Universal Christ, it is the path we humans are on to reach the Omega Point, it is Christogenesis that becomes the “yellow brick road” for us humans to understand how evolution works in and for religious systems, organizations. It allows us to understand our universe is both a physical reality and spiritual reality, and both are immensely intertwined. Teilhard speaks of perfecting the human element, which realizes that We and the rest of the plant and universe are an unfinished species, characteristics, corporately and personally….we are by the nature of Christ in this universe are grounded in an infinite depth of Love. This is the core message of the mystics’ past and present.

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