Let me introduce you to the Center for Christogenesis

Many of you may be familiar with the work of Ilia DelioOSF.  Ilia is a scientist, mystic, teacher, writer, and, most importantly, a person with a prophetic voice.

Formerly, the Omega Center was her platform for introducing the world to the vision of Teilhard De Chardin. What makes her work different is she and her team focus on teaching Teilhard as a person in the twenty-first century. Think of the center’s work, which has a new identity, The Center for Christogenesis, as the place that picks up where Teilhard left off.  

The center’s work is about reclaiming the future of Christianity through understanding the evolution of the universe and how God is significantly intimate in the process.

In the link below, please visit the site and learn more about how cosmic, human, and the world of autonomous technology evolve in a collaborative manner of consciousness as we as humans meet the living God.

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