Reflection on the NY Times article: “How Climate Migration Will Reshape America”


This story in the NY times today is most certainly one that every American must-read.

Climate change is, by far, the most pressing issue we face as global people. This is not a USA problem, or an EU problem or Asia, South American, or African problem. It is a global humanity problem.

This article strongly points to the reality we are facing as humans. The article emphasizes the statement made by Pope Francis: “There is no ecology without equality and no equality without ecology.” 

We are in the new era of the Autonomous Revolution. An era where we are experiencing new ways to use AI, Robotics, Drones, and Vehicle Automation. In addition to “As-a-services” greater connectivity with the internet and virtual reality.

A climate crisis, coupled with a pandemic and the rise of autonomous technologies, will exacerbate the negative effects on human beings.

Aristotle often spoke of Eudaimonia, the act of “human flourishing or prosperity,” and how and why we have humans must strive to do the greater good.

There are no such things as retreating into isolationism. We a global society, and we need to start thinking in terms of one world, one vision.

The ecological issues, coupled with technology, will drive society’s to change or fade out of existence, and history has taught us that lesson many times over.

The time is now for us, not only for our leaders, but you and me, to step up, realize we are one world, one vision, or accept the reality that we will be accelerating those lessons in history and returning to dust sooner than we planned.


One response to “Reflection on the NY Times article: “How Climate Migration Will Reshape America””

  1. The global citizen needs images and suggestions of what an individual might be able to contribute to addressing climate change in individual circumstances wherever that person lives. Then moving from individual action to community action, images and suggestions of communal action would be most helpful. Planting trees individually and communally would be one suggestion that is easily accompanied by images. Solar energy installations also come to mind for individual and group activity. What are other images and suggestions that could be put together on a poster for national/global distribution to communicate with the global population, overcoming language barriers through images?

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