Mystics are we…

As mystics in the contemporary world, we find ourselves studying and reading mystics’ life for guidance in our lives. As an academic patristic theologian and professionally a technology zealot, I see in the evolution of mystics and their role and thinking as hope in the future; I am currently reading Ilia Delio’s new book, “Re-Enchanting the Earth, why AI needs religion,” and it is quite fascinating to see the parallels in patristic thought, Chardin and where we are today as mystics giving meaning to our experiences in meeting the living God. We are living today, a time that is the beginning of the new autonomous revolution. Religion is an expression of our culture, the formation of our beliefs have been heavily shaped by the last two revolutions: The agricultural and the industrial. As mystics in the new revolution, how are we going to express religion? Where will we go boldly in shaping humanity, our intelligence, and our spirituality as we evolve in the new revolution?

The autonomous revolution will bring about social phase change in religion; how we practice and express our experiences in meeting the significant other, we call “God” will be shaped by our shift in technology and the evolution of science and philosophy. 

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