climate change is at the center of action and contemplation

For many, climate change is at the center of action and contemplation. If we think of Bangladesh as a window into the future for the world as a whole, we may be able to think of policy change worldwide. Maybe, just maybe ore policy would come forth.
In our era today we must come to realize that the autonomous technologies of the new industrial revolution are here and now and growing, which is why this time is being called the era of the Autonomous Revolution.
We can not divorce the social phase change from religion, and religion is not divorced from society. Can we begin to think of the Autonomous Revolution, climate change, social phase change within the context of the life and teachings of a Dorthy Day, a Teilhard, a Thomas Merton, a Marcus Borg, a Mortimer Adler, a Karl Rahner?
The Autonomous Technologies are all about social phase change; they are evolving whether we like it or not, all we have to do is look to the last two Revolutions (agriculture and industrial) to see the cause-effect within social phase change.
Again, I pose the question:  Are we in search for and of a Faith in a skeptical age?


A most excellent article on this topic.

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