Ecotheologian Boff warns of humanity’s “unsustainable” relationship with the planet

Ecotheologian-Boff talks about autonomous technologies, and again we must realize that we are entering the next revolution of social phase change, the autonomous revolution.  The agricultural and industrial revolutions are now woven into our fabric of society and are history as to how we arrived where we are today.
Read the article here:
The autonomous technologies are changing our social fabric, and it doesn’t mean that is bad unless we come to let the technology dictate our destiny.  Autonomous technology is woven into the way we manage our Climate, our environment, and develop policies.  This is important to understand when we talk about innovation.  With all innovation, we must have education and collaboration and this is where policy is KEY.  The key to reclaiming our future is fully understanding the difference OF being human and the difference IT makes.  How we address technology should not be any different than how we address the environment, Covid-19, etc., We need to understand the cause/effect and our solutions via policy need to work for all humans on this planet and for the greater good.
Think innovation-education-collaboration.

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