Experiencing loneliness, a spiritual awakening

During this time of Covid, I hear people talking about loneliness, and I hear this, especially from my older friends. I think there is a spiritual awakening that comes with loneliness. I think when we experience loneliness is when we suddenly see the secret beauty of the hearts of those we have been with, shared with and laughed and cried with, it is when we see the depths of their souls, the core of our collective reality, the person that each one of us is in God’s eyes.

Maybe the experience of loneliness is the realization that we love each other and that we are all one. And at the moment of experiencing loneliness, is when we realize that we are not alone and distant to each other, and we are not forgotten. That realization at that moment we call loneliness, is our awakening that we are not separate but one.

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