Change is coming even to organized religion

In this article, what we are seeing for the third time in the history of society is the birth of a new era undergoing change, In the two previous periods, the agricultural and industrial revolutions both brought major social phase change, Bill Davidow and Michael Malone write about this change in their new book “The Autonomous Revolution“.   Start to think about how different our religious institutions will be what new forms and operating tools will and are emerging, what new rules will birth in society and in religious life, and think of our sense of time, space, and how we will be changed going forward.  The issue at hand is that our “guts” will resist, we will fall back on old rules old perceptions, understandings and find ourselves in a losing battle, it is inevitable.  We need to see the future through a new set of eyeglasses, we need to provide and create new pathways and develop reasonable approaches that will allow our churches, society and our lives to mitigate constraints and failure and we need them to benefit from the advances that are happening right now under our noses and help make them possible.
If we look at history we see that organized religion mirrors society, and this is no different today.

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