Are we moving towards utopia or dystopia?

As the autonomous revolution evolves, we will need to rethink the model we currently have for distributing “wealth,” which is basically through work, and this will be an issue when more than 50% of the people no longer work as we know it today, like punching a clock or being put on a salary, but are still consumers in society, and are educated, productive in many other avenues of life. The community will have to change the model.

Awareness of the change will lead us to the intersection of philosophy, eudaimonia, cosmology, and a new world of physics.

If you start to think about it, this is the beginning of either a utopia or dystopia…the answer will be found in how well the process is managed and how well we as humans adapt…if you think about this new reality, you will begin to historically of the first revolution which was agriculture we went from a hunter/gather environment to farming and distribution…then roughly 3 or 4 thousand years later we entered the industrial revolution. We see how that changed how human behave, the industrial revolution had four stages which included what we have witnessed as the third and fourth revolution in technology since 1945…and now we are experiencing another revolution or as they say in physics a “phase change”…where what we have as institutions stays in existence, but the tools and rules will change… think water to ice to vapor analogy…exciting times and this will have such a significant impact on how religion, social norms, community, business, etc., experience the cause/effect…I believe it will give rise to mystics with a voice more profoundly than we have known, it will force humanity/society to look in a mirror and deeply into their souls, and that is where the unknown we will face will come into existence.

If we think about robots today, robots write 50 % OR more of newspaper stories, robots are performing surgery, banks are processing transactions with robots, and not all robots look like robots we think of but are software robots, insurance companies have robots embedded in all the life administration processes that years ago was something that humans performed, we are at the point where the technology is not making us more productive but is giving us more time…and that is what society will struggle with as a reality and why the distribution model will have to change. So the questions remain, are we moving towards utopia or dystopia?

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