Atheist, Foxholes, and Australia

You know that sense of AWE you get when you first see the Grand Canyon and all that majestic beauty of a sunset over the Canyon?

That is what you feel and sense when you visit Australia. In the 24 plus trips I have made there lecturing, giving keynotes and workshops, I have developed some lasting friendships, and my friends have been texting me of how and what it feels like where they live.  They all say it is like living in an inferno ….The people are lovely, charitable, and the country, people, animals, all of nature, and its beauty and majestic wonder is at risk of being lost for lifetimes.

Climate Change is global, and we battle the effects locally.  We need to address the core, root problem as one world and one vision.

What can we do?  We can start by electing leaders who make global climate change a priority.  We can start by planting trees, getting our communities organized for tree planting.  Visit Arbor Day and learn more on how to get trees for free, just need people to plant the trees.   Go here:

So as you watch the news and see Australia is an inferno, think about what you can do to help globally by acting locally.

The fires in Australia is just a sample of what will come to the entire planet if we do not start to innovate new solutions, educate the people on the reality of climate change in terms of the cause/effect, and most importantly, we need to collaborate with other nations to combat the battle. We need to start acting like we believe we are one world with one vision. There is no place for dualism.

Zach, one of my friends texted me yesterday and asked If I remember that February in 2000 when I was down there and complaining when it was 115F? He said that is nothing compared to what we are experiencing now.

Zach said, “You know, Mate, that old story about there is no atheist in foxholes? I can tell you now there are no climate change deniers in Australia.”

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