Isn’t it about hearing the call?

Merton, Day and others have in their lives wrote about peace, justice, contemplation, and action. Dorothy Day was asked once why she was so focused on antisemitism in the United States, Dorothy said, (and here I find this most applicable to our world today)
We need to recognize other people’s situations. If we don’t then there are only communists who are trying to change things.” (Remember the period of time.).
Dorothy went on to say “Catholics spoke of communists with horror, yet they are apt to stand more chance in the eyes of God than those indifferent Catholics who stand by and do nothing.”
When we look and see Christ among us, in every~thing we come to better understand why action is integral with contemplation.
So as I reflect this morning, I think about the words of Dorthy Day:
“Here I am~what would you have me do? Isn’t this that in-between time, that liminal space cherished by the Irish, that mysterious time of waiting and wandering? Isn’t it about hearing the call?” 

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