Change and Disorder leads to eudaimonia

Change is neither good or bad. What makes us say change is good or bad is what we do with and how we experience change. Change is simply the difference between what was and what is, the here and now. What usually caused our frustration with change is time. The speed of the change is what upsets many people. There is nothing about our nature as human beings that would show as creatures we can’t accept change. Therefore you can teach “old dogs” new tricks.

Change is what improves our lives for the greater good. Think eudaimonia for a moment. Eudaimonia is all about flourishing in happiness. Come on, who doesn’t want to be happy?

Philosophy teaches us that eudaimonia is all about the objective and not the subjective. We strive for the greater good, and that is the objective, and the subjective is the enjoyment thereof.

So how do we get there? In life, in business and technology, the process is the same. We first create ORDER in our lives and the world around us, think of this like new construction, we perform value engineering, we develop rules and guidelines. All of this is necessary. What we are doing is establishing the foundation and ground rules. As time goes on, we begin to realize there is tension, conflict, dualism in our world. We seek to change, to de-construct, and we find ourselves in a new form of education and re-thinking ourselves, our business models our technology. We go through the phase we call disorder. This phase needs to be structured and guided if not change will seem unpleasant and frightful. Often of this feeling, people wander in the desert of disorder way too long. Disorder, deconstruction, should lead us to Re-Order, new construction, or reconstruction. It is where we come to understand darkness and light coexist.
So change is about One World and One Vision, it is what Eudaimonia is all about. It is Philosophy from Technology: Reshaping our thinking of technology in knowing, doing, and being.

So think about the three phases, and do not think of them as something I must figure out how to tolerate until it is over. Focus on making the experience attractive. When we are enthusiastic, it rubs off on others, and that is a good thing. Walk the talk as the old saying goes and take responsibility for innovation, education, and collaboration. Let your lessons learned and experiences guide you and remember it is a journey, and like all journies, there will be errors, setbacks, frustrations, and you will work them out because that is what you do in deconstruction and reconstruction — the art of achieving eudaimonia.

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