The River under our feet

Meister Eckhart once said, “God is like an underground river.
It suggests God is universal and not confined to one location, is all moving. As the old saying goes, “you can’t step into the same river twice.

The statement tells us that we all can access the Source (God) if we dig (our wells) long enough and in the right direction, and deep enough.

You are digging a well, look at the picture of you digging…Look around you, and you see different people drilling their wells, and we soon come to realize our well is as good as their well, for it is dipping into the same river.

Human beings have a profoundly mystical yearning for a relationship, not just with ourselves and each other, but an ever-growing awareness of our relationship with Creation/Cosmos, but also with a Someone(s) wholly Other than us. We are in constant search for meeting and discovering the significant other in our life. Sometimes we call the discovery of the significant other, finding God, finding love, finding happiness. You might say we are hardwired for connection. We are in search of “family.” Looking to be “adopted,” by others, to be in “communion with others, it is the Divine Mystery of Relationship.

It is our acknowledgment of the reality of divinity within each thing and each person, and this begs the question “shouldn’t our spiritual practices further reflect and pursue the experience of that collective oneness?” And not just in an intellectual breadth, but in actual 2nd person inter-personal spiritual practices?

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