Reflections: 27 May 2019

The saints are what they are, not because of their sanctity makes them admirable to others, but because the gift of sainthood makes it possible for them to admire everybody else.” -Thomas Merton

The gift of sainthood is the acceptance, recognition, and belief in the Universal Christ. Because we meet the Living God in the world around and of us, we can do saintly acts.

Many decades ago, when I was young and in graduate theology, the professors would drill into us the need to remove any and all notions of male and female constructs about God. When studying, Jesus realizes he became a human being to help us understand our humanity and its relationship to God. As difficult as that was in the first half of life, I have come to really appreciate what it means to acknowledge the living God in nongender terms, and the difference in God is the difference it makes for understanding God.  The making of saints.

Discipleship in a world of changing technology.

With evolving technologies, think of all the new tech such as IoT, AI etc., and how the tech is becoming embedded into the fabric of everyday technology we use without us even having to think about it….We come to realize we are shrinking  the distance and enhance the cultural experiences to bring diverse cultures into living contact with one another. Is technology changing your ministry? Is tech something you avoid? As disciples on this contemplative path, we are called to make disciples. Is technology an enabler or an obstacle?

We are on the contemplative path.

And with all those historically who journeyed on the same road, we find the call to action.  The synoptic Gospels point out the role of Jesus on earth. He healed. Spiritually, physically, emotionally with everyone He encountered. If we call ourselves Christians, what action are we doing? I ask myself this now every day in silence, in meditation, in prayer. To be conscious of action is by far, one of the hardest things to do daily. But at the end of each day, I ask myself, did the world know us as Christians by our Love and did I contribute?. Love is an action word.
How great a measure can a man then find to the love of Christ, He Himself shows when He says that nothing can be greater than such love, which excites to forsake life itself for those one loves.”
St. Cyril of Alexandria
Commentary on the Gospel of John

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