The only really absolute mysteries in Christianity are the self-communication of God in the depths of existence, which we call GRACE, and in HISTORY we call CHRIST.” – Karl Rahner, SJ

As I fed the birds this morning four enormous rabbits showed up and ate with the birds side by side, no fear of each other, shared the space, the only time in the past I would see ‘fear’ is when the hawk buzzes over, and they all scatter. Made me think of my Neanderthal relatives, what they feared when they scattered and their knowledge of Christ in their time even though the name ‘Christ’ never entered their mind.

They experienced the mystery of Christ, in how they survived, communicated with each other, and cared for each other, this was grace. Maybe we have a lot more to learn from anthropology than we thought?

Thinking of Jean Vanier...A real example of a living saint, when you look at the work and life of people like Jean Vanier and Dorthy Day, we see what it means to be Christ-like in the modern world.

We need, as a ‘church,’ to find a way of promoting what the essence of peoples lives such as Jean and Dorthy mean to us as Christians, as role models, this seems to be lost in our culture.

We need to find a way to promote social justice, the gospel and the lives of people such as Jean Vanier, Dorthy Day, Peter Maurin, etc., the living prophets of love and justice, living the gospel.

Vanier came looking for Jesus in the neglected. He found the fullness of life in those snatched from despair and placed down in homes based on mutuality, respect, and care. As a doctor of philosophy, a member of the Royal Navy, a published author, and professor, Vanier knew the patterns of success and advancement. Where he discovered life was in relationships that offered instead to undo our desires for power.

And finally, I was re-reading Thomas Merton this weekend, where he talks about “Sophia” “the great stabilizer for peace,” reflecting on this can only mean that “wisdom and way of nonviolence” are what we are called to live as Christians. Merton said, “living with wisdom” is a life of peace, a life in Christ.

I find it surprising if you were to google what Christians believe, especially regarding peace and justice what you see, actually, it is sad, it is so clear how ‘dualism’ dominates our thinking, our beliefs and our actions all throughout history and today.

As Pete Seeger wrote:
“Where have all the flowers gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the flowers gone?
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?”

Maybe the answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind. The wind of the Universal Christ.

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