Richard Rohr – Everything Changes


calling this year’s theme “Old and New: An Evolving Faith.” The term
“evolution” may be challenging for some Christians who believe that
science and the Bible contradict each other. We’ll look more closely at
the Bible (and how Jesus interpreted it) next week, and later this year
we’ll focus on Creation and science. For now, let’s simply consider how
the inner process of change and growth is fundamental to everything,
even our bodies. Having undergone several surgeries, cancer, and a heart
attack, I’ve been consoled by the way my body takes care of itself over
time. The miracle of healing comes from the inside—but with help from
doctors and

religion, however, many prefer magical, external, one-time transactions
instead of the universal pattern of growth and healing—which is always
through loss and renewal. This is the way that life perpetuates itself
in ever-new forms: through various changes that…

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