Disruption​ in the Church: Are You Ready?

Are you transforming your church planting and ministry programs to meet the demands of the Technological Revolution that is happening as we speak?

Are you focusing on your congregation’s experience through adaptation of disruptive technologies?

Are you innovating new church planting models and new church strategies by driving differentiated value through technology?

Are you educating your staff, your congregation and peers to be able to collaborate with people, machines, and disruptive technologies all to better bring about the kingdom of God and Discipleship?

Do you have a viable framework to re-architect your infrastructure to meet the demands of the new Disruptive technologies?

I would like to suggest that in your planning efforts,  strategy meetings, discipleship meetings, you consider technology. Ask the question where does Artificial Intelligence play a role in achieving our mission? What does the “Internet of Things” have to do with church planting? Always keep in mind, technology is necessary but not Sufficient.

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