We, the Redeemed


Once upon a time, this young man stops at the church to see the priest.  He says, “Father, I want to change my life.  I want to change my life, my name and my ways of acting.  I want you to baptize me.”  So, after enrolling in a baptismal program it comes time at Easter for baptism.  After Father dips him into the water three times, he says, “Joseph, from now on you will be known as Luke. From this day forward you are to shed your sinful ways, that includes no more gambling, and no more alcohol.”Later that day, Luke goes home and heads straight for the fridge. He grabs a bottle of beer and goes over to the sink filled with water.  He dips the bottle of beer three times into the water and says, “From this forward, you will be known as green tea.”

Baptism means “immersion.”  Whether the…

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