God? Are you really there? Hello!

It’s a dark, dreary day, I look out the window and think, Is God really there? Often we find ourselves wondering how is it we are supposed to believe in a God that we just can’t possibly wrap our heads around?
At what point in our life did we struggle with the concept that if there is a God and I can’t understand the notion of a God, therefore I can’t possibly believe in someone or something I can’t understand. And in another part of our life, we may have said to ourselves, “It really doesn’t matter, I am here, I am living, and then I will die. so why should I bother understanding a God?” And at times we may feel like we can get buy with a little help from our friends and that is more than I can expect from a God.
Let’s look at something: The difference in saying “it’s impossible to believe what I don’t understand” and “It’s difficult to believe what I don’t understand fully.” How many of us fully understand the Theory of Relativity? Or Molecular engineering? In reality, all of us say we believe in the Theory of Relativity and believe Molecular engineering is real. How often did you not understand what your doctor was explaining to you, but you accepted what he said and believed? So if you think about it, the concept of believing in something all the while not fully understanding it seems possible.
Faith in God or a Supreme Being does not mean we blindly accept this as fact on no evidence. Faith in a God or Supreme Being means taking something as a reliably strong probability on something based on some evidence without understanding everything about it.
Faith in a Supreme Being doesn’t mean that I say I accept as fact only because I have exhausted all other possibilities.
Faith in a Supreme Being means I accept the reality that there is a reliably strong probability based on some evidence that I can comprehend and experience with my senses and still be able to say I don’t fully understand everything at this point.
From our human perspective, if God exists then, he is either a person, thing or force and we need to pursue the discovery journey.  Because it will make all the difference to know the difference.
On this journey to meeting the Living God, start asking yourself questions about what you believe or do not believe about God. If God exists for you how would you describe the characteristics and qualities of God? Ask yourself do you pray? Why? Have you ever felt like you were hoaxed into believing in a God? Why did you think that way? Keep in mind, seeing is not believing, seeing is knowing.
As we continue, we examine a tad more the different ways we deal with the God Question. We will look at “What you know” vs. “What you accept.” Think of these as the two valid ways we process as human beings.
As you think about the questions, I have proposed for you to consider keeping this in the back of your head as you draw your conclusions.

  • Theology is what you know
  • Belief is what you are willing to accept
  • Religion is what you do about what you believe and know as your theology.

Till next week, enjoy the thinking and reflecting.

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